Recipies : Tomato Slice (A fun, health snack).

This is a popular street food in bengaLUru. In simple terms, it’s a set of tomato slices on a banana leaf/badam leaf plate/paper plate, with a little salt, jeera powder, turmeric and chili powder sprinkled on it and  churmuri ( puffed rice salad )  liberally sprinkled on top. They sell for 20 to 25 rupees a plate depending on the location.

With tomatoes selling at 5 to 8 rupees a kg, it’s a good time to make this at home.

Some people like street food to keep their immunity up. Others like to make it at home to use only the finest ingredients and to control the taste. Yet others serve it in buffet dinners at weddings and other parties. It’s an easy and fun food for kids, grown-ups and guests.

I believe that it may be possible to get organic/hand pound/puffed rice.. but I haven’t seen it anywhere yet.