Recipe : Making Butter at home

Ah, the taste of the fresh home-made butter of my childhood! My father let me in on the secret…. low churning speed.

I used full cream samRddhi milk to make the yogurt (curds).

I make my yogurt by boiling milk, cooling it, and adding töDu (a small amount of last time’s yogurt), stirring it, covering it and letting it sit outside till it magically becomes solid yogurt. then I stick it in the fridge. If you don’t have an old töDu sample and don’t want to ask your neighbours – tirumala and nandini curds will give you a good sample.  The new fangled fancy ones are no good for this purpose. (Rinse out the milk packet and dry it – then save it for the raddi wallah.) If you live abroad go ask an Indian Neighbour or get it from an Indian grocery store. Curds made like this and you will never need to buy and use pro-biotics.

This time I sort of cheated using the cream on top of the previous curds to make the new curds for 3 times in a row. So that there was enough to try making butter.

I churned the milk with an anjali egg-beater to ensure it was slow enough. I churned it to the slow rythm of kRSNa folk songs, lullabies, ślökā: and vēda mantrã: . And..  for the first time in my life, it worked. After sometime I realised why göpikā: used the vertical churners. This egg-beater-whisk gives a back pain after some time.

This way of churning is slow, rhythmic and back-pain free. And looks like it’s fun and spiritual too.

Next I added water and used the mixie on “juicer” setting for about 45 secs at a time with 30 sec breaks. (My father suggested 1 min on 1 min off and sprinkling cold water in between.. but I didn’t do that today).

I have some nice butter left (after gobbling up half of it  to see… how it was coming along… without making it engili/enjlu/jhooTa)

Remember full-cream, home-culture, slow-speed and kRSNa songs. 🙂