Nutrition : Good White Foods and Bad White foods & Why we use refined foods.

Naturally white foods like milk, coconut and sītāphalam (custard apple?) are good for you.

Refined white foods like sugar, white rice, wheat flour (maida) are pure carbohydrates – energy without other nutrients. These must be sparingly used. 

Refined foods and oils are popular in combination foods because they take the flavour of the other elements.

For example coffee with sugar tastes more like coffee but with jaggery or honey, the other flavours compete. So it’s not as easy to make it tasty to all palettes.

It’s good to get our children used to natural foods, because most tastes are acquired. They will be tempted by the ‘false’ flavours and colours of refined cooking, the convenience of packaged, processed and preserved food.

For example bitter cocoa is made to taste sweet with lots of refined white sugar. It may not be the only way to eat cocoa though.