gītādhyayana : Progress in my study of the bhagavad gītā.

I finally have reached a stage where I can read/chant bhagavad-gītāyā: ślökā: and understand directly as I read. And think about a related set of verses in conjunction.

In nursery school, we were taught a few verses and sang them without knowing what they meant. Then in high school I was taught a few verses with meanings as a part of my sanskrit curriculum. I read the english translation in the school library when in lower sixth form (11th standard) in Trinidad.

Then I recall reading a verse by verse translation in the early nineties when I was employed and had become single again. Around 2004(?), I sat and wrote my first commentary/vyākhyāna/exposition of the gītā which was based on the notes made from a gītā course I had taught at vu.org . Here I organised and presented my understanding of the entire gītā idea-wise and chapter-wise.

Around 2009/10 I learned the beauty of chanting and the proper pronunciation of all the sounds from kundājī. I started chanting the gītā every day and on this blog I’ve shared detailed word by word meanings of the individual ślökā: for some of the chapters. I re-interpreted some of the ślökā: and incorporated these additions back into my page on the bhagavad gītā on this site. 

I’m always a little ahead on the thoughts and writing and a little behind on the organisation.

I’ve also recorded chanting of some of the chapters. And I took skype classes for some students.
After all this reading, writing, chanting, teaching, consolidating, interpreting and so forth, I have finally arrived at the stage where the ślöka: make direct sense to me in samskŕtam.

And thus, I am now on the threshold of understanding the samvāda or discussion without intermediaries and in the context of the entire gītā. (and such other sanskrit studies of vēdā: , upaniSada: ,  purāņā: etc. ).

It feels really good. It is something I always wanted to be able to do.