India is a “heart” country.

Ordinary Indians are all heart. (4th cakra). Love, trust and dharma.

We’ve kind of been let down by the polished, smooth-talking, condescending, self-proclaimed intellectuals-liberals and such like. They present themselves as  learned and truthful 5th cakra folks… but are mostly the ambitious and presumptious 3rd.

In India it is only a commanding 6th, an avatāra:  (one who descends from the enlightened 7th for a compassionate purpose) who can lead and will be followed.  

It is said that in kŕşņasya kāla, only bhīşma, vidura and others really knew kŕşņam for who he was. Other than the simple folk. So it would not surprising if a present day avatār is unrecognised today except by the simple and the wise.