Which book to follow?

Sometimes I’m asked which book to follow about the topics I write on Ancient Indians be it cakrā: or astronomical significance of purāņāni.

What you see on this site, is original work, sentences, insights and ideas which emerge from a study of a large number of books, resources, interactions with wise people and direct observation and inference. I give credit to every nameable resource so you can go and refer those resources by googling books/resources etc on this web-site.

But for the insights that are revealed to and by this mind, this blog is the only way. You have to search through what has already been written, read up the old posts and wait for new posts on the subject.

If I put it into a book form I will surely announce it. And the menu at the top of the page may help you navigate to a subject of your choice.

But to receive the “full benefit”, it’s a good idea to read up everything. You may cast a passing glance over subjects not to to your taste and properly delve into subjects of your interest.

You can sign up for classes as a last option. It will use up your money and my time… both are precious!!