Juice : Pulpy Watermelon Juice in Watermelon shell : Recipie

kundājī used to spend some time in each vēda class talking about healthy food habits and of course about yöga.
āyurvēda or the science of healthy living has found it’s way into the smŕtī: , which are the prescribed ways of living well and conducting oneself. The later smŕtī: included even more and more of the recently discovered āyurvēda.

Living well in modern times, requires us to also take into account, knowledge earned by other cultures, that has come to us in recent times (after due verification and adaptation).

Morning breakfast is called phalāharam which means, the eating of fruit, in saMskŕtam.

On his travels, my son learned a way of eating watermelon which he taught me. 

People of pūrvāşāđa nakşatram do well to eat watery fruit.

Method :

Cut your watermelon in half. I like the small dark green ones. Take a spoon to scrape and roughly mash up the water melon pulp. Add a dash of salt. That’s it. It’s yummy. Eat with same spoon.

Today I experimented by adding a few mint leaves and the juice of half a lemon. It’s also good. But I prefer the pure taste better.

This is bio-degradable wrapping amd minimal cleaning. Very healthy 🙂 Very sāttvika.