On the integration of my blogs.

I started with about a dozen blogs on wordpress. I moved stuff from geocities and sorted them by subject… and I developed them separately while linking relevant posts together.

A lot of people in those days left me comments saying that I should have just one blog and it would be easier for them to follow.
At some point I decided to get domain names for my blogs and some blog readers helped me pay for them.

We got two, initially, ancientindians.net and ancientindiansuniversity.com. The readers also helped me get a no-ads upgrade and an audio upgrade.

A former student of mine, Harsh, argued that I should carry ads and not ask blog readers for help. He was willing to put in all the effort and investment to move the site to wordpress.org. My sister was not for the move, she didn’t want to risk content loss.

So I took ancientindians.in (.net had been released when I couldn’t pay for it anymore) and I put wordads on  it which covers the domain name and audio upgrade. And a bit of the internet bills.

I tried teaching online for a while to make up the funds, but that took away from the writing a bit. It brought me in contact with many wonderful people and a few inconsiderate people. The inconsiderate ones caused me a loss of time and peace. And I had very little of both.

So with a single domain name to pay for it makes sense to update the same one blog with all the ideas seperately developed. I spent some time in integrating all my work and folding it into this one site.

Also, I realised that many of the ideas I write about are in fact inter-dependent, and cross-linking hell happens with all the domain name changes.

So I write everything now, in this one blog of mine.

I do notice that as before, some people join and leave as they like and even while following they read only the titles they like. Which means, they don’t always get the nuances/impact of what I’m saying. And of course not every person will have an aptitude for every subject I write about. 

But that does not preclude a few of them from leaving comments that hurt my feelings and discourage me from writing.  “Why am I writing,” I think?

And then I feel inspired by our PM mödīji. He gets criticised vehemently and personally targetted whatever he does. And he keeps striving relentlessly. And I remember the story he shared once …”kyon ki yeh mera bhai hai”…

This brings up the question of inner strength as opposed to external toughness. Inner peace as opposed to external calm.

Perhaps rājasa tyāga – externally giving up while internally being attached is a first step for the rājasa-tamasa style person.

And sat-sanga attachment to what one knows to be good is the next step in the direction if ni:-sanga (nissanga) or detachment.

People who have watched me over the past 8 years of my work on Ancient Indians have commented on my greater peace and contentment. In myself , I see a shift to sattva-rājasa from rajasa-tāmasa.

As David Frawley also said once, to study the vēdā: only from a historical perspective is to take away from the knowledge and philosophy they bring to an individual. (paraphrased).

Yes. Reading these wise words of the Ancient Indians… has been of great help to me. Learning that all ancient cultures had so much in common and that all humanity is, in fact, the one, at heart has also been of great value.

I cannot insist that I am agreed with or appreciated. That depends on others and their experience and expectations. I just need to remember and reaffirm my purpose.

This I am.

And to those who have been with me… thank you. It is a great and rare honour!