Books : Far from the Madding Crowd : Thomas Hardy.. and other stuff.

This is really an awesome book. Almost every page offers a wonderful expression of a really good observation about nature and the nature of man. I got it free on kindle. But you can get it freely anywhere.

(If you just want the plot – watch the movie. It’s nice.)

It is my situation in the world to be surrounded by many who have no idea of what I say, think, write or mean. So when I suddenly read a great writer who speaks from my mind and heart, it soothes that great loneliness and craving of a human mind to be understood and to connect. I thus also enjoyed H.D. Thoreau’s Walden Pond.

I am now upto the sixth chapter and am surprised that I find more kinship with these foreign authors of olde than I do with people who are in my own time and circles.