#500 #1000 #Exhaustion!

I stood in a line for over one hour today at my bank before my legs gave up.

Apparently ATMs with CDMs (cash deposit machines) don’t give cash.

And my bank had some system trouble which they didn’t announce. 

The token system wasn’t working today. People with exchanges and deposits were allowed in. Senior Citizens (70 +) were allowed in on priority.

The Cash withdrawal queue stagnated and grew like hanumānasya tail.

I finished my chanting and then just stood and stood and stood. 

There is a phenomenon known as emotional contagion. A few people – impatient and angry can pass that emotion to others. A few inconsiderate people can make others angry. 
There was one nice story. An illiterate lady didn’t know how to exchange her 500s. So a man offered to help her… went in the short que and then joined off his own cash withdrawal que. So they both benefited.

I am not very resistant to emotions… and I was tired… so I gave up. I wish there had been some sitting arrangements. I wish they had announced that there were technical difficulties…

I’m still a foot soldier in this battle against black money funded/facilitated crime… just a little tired that’s all.