Impact : #500 #1000 #Plastic Bags

I have done my best to go cashless… but the daily small expenses like milk, veggies and newspaper must be done in cash – smaller change.

And that economy is still going on. The standard milkmen, veggie sellers and all are in business and will still give you change as per bengaLUru laws of change.

If the bill is 82, you have to give 102 and they will give you 20. If you spend 200 you can’t pay with a 2000 note. You kind of have to give change and get change.

Also some private transport guys will try to shortchange you and take you on the long route etc. So paytm-uber combo can be helpful if you are willing to pay more than an auto, wait longer and persuade the driver to take your route and switch on the A.C. 

Businesses (incl. hospitals and petrol bunks) owned by business men are happy if you use credit cards and paytm.

Small businesses are also allowing a line of credit on personal trust to regular, known customers.

Businesses (incl. hospitals and petrol bunks) owned by those in a mood to launder their own black money perhaps, are demanding payments in small change. So it’s best to avoid those establishments if you don’t have small change.

Today I bought a kg of loose rice and the store owner packed it in an old noodles packet. Police have cracked down on plastic carry bags. A good side effect of this is that I carry my own cloth sling bag…and store owners are reusing packaging. Reuse is always better than recycling. I must remember to carry my own old packets when I go shopping.