Tidying up for others.

I have, in the past, tidied up for an elderly aunt of mine and for kundA miss. Just how much of a pain this must have been for them, I realised yesterday.

A young maid who used to help my mom, was looking for some work yesterday morning. I was glad of an extra pair of competent hands to help with my ever-piling-up housework so I welcomed her. She however was not content to clean the floor. She wanted to tidy my desk etc., and she kept throwing away stuff that may have looked useless to her, but were useful to me in some way.  I kept fishing them off the pile on the floor and putting them back on the counter top. Hmm!

I am so guilty of trying to throw away stuff that belong(s)ed to my aunt, kundA miss, mom, dad and elderly others, which they would salvage and put back.

A thing is not useless if :

  • It is a memory.
  • It has sentimental value.
  • It could be given to someone else.
  • I could use it myself sometime in the future (in this life or the next.)

It looks like it’s a waste… but it isn’t. In any case… bengaLUru largely burns it’s waste, so it’s good if stuff is not declared a waste. Add disused to reused/recycled/up-cycled.

Then the young maid tidied stuff up. It took me ages to locate tiny things, that I could quickly locate when they were untidy.

A desk is not untidy/disorganised if the those who use it can locate things as quickly as they need to.

One can only understand the fussy and elderly when one starts growing old and fussy. There are good valid reasons for this behaviour.