Recipes : Making (and eating) Chocolate

While cacoa beans are very very healthy and bitter.,

…store bought chocolate has a mixture of healthy and unhealthy ingredients.  They have to add artificial and nature identical flavours to compensate for loss during processing. They have to add vegetable fats and emulsifiers and preservatives. Most chocolate powder also contains this added stuff.

So I did some research and went and bought this cacoa powder at Godrej’s Nature’s Basket : This is stated to be made from organic cacoa butter. (It is *expensive*).

I took sugar and blended it in the mixie till it was a fine powder.

  1. I first tried making chocolate out of nandini’s unsalted butter, powdered sugar and cacoa powder.  It is delicious.
  2. At my mother’s suggestion I added more cacoa powder, sugar and milk and boiled it. I switched it off at the first boil and froze it. With a dash of powdered Sri Lankan cinnamon. Delicious!
  3. At madhu’s suggestion I added milkmaid condensed milk instead of milk. And I melted the butter in a cup placed in a vessel of boiling water as mom suggested. I added the cacoa powder, melted butter, powdered sugar and sweetened condensed milk and blended them all together in the mixie. And I froze this. Yum! I served it with roasted broken almonds (lightly blended). My son said it tasted like Snickers :), which he loves.
  4. Today I just added lots of cacoa powder directly into the tin of sweetened condensed milk. And mixed it up with a spoon.  Delicious. I didn’t even freeze it.

I believe that I had a very Nigella expression on my face when tasting my chocolate.

Nestle says that Condensed Milk is one litre of milk condensed into 400g along with sugar. It is tinned. And does not state any other added ingredients. madhu says that making the condensed milk ourselves from fresh milk requires constant stirring and monitoring and the sugar is to be added at the very end. I might try that sometime. In future iterations I may try replacing sugar with honey and/or date syrup.  madhu adds vanilla and Marie biscuits into the chocolate. I bought the Marie biscuits but they have the additives so I did not try them in my recipe.

A question in my head is why we can eat the cacoa bean powder, but not coffee bean powder. But that is for another day.

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