Gifts : Weird Teas

To be honest, I like gifts of experience better than gifts I must consume. Like trekking or swimming or  a great movie and so on.

But as my friends will tell you, I am finicky to a point. It’s hard to choose anything for me. 

I have no room for decorative items. I like only the books I like and not others. I spend a lot of time finding the exact books I like and I have not even finished reading the ones I have already bought.

I don’t visit tailors so gifts of fabric will lie unused for years. I don’t wear silk. And I can’t afford to maintain sarees so I may wear a cotton saree once and then it will lie around.

I am also generally not comfortable about accepting money gifts… it disturbs me. Though you are welcome to reimburse a book I’ve already bought. ☺

And as for things to eat and drink… don’t get me started. 

The latest fad is to give me weird teas. One of them is labelled and described completely in German and even the ones labelled in English, I don’t know what they are. I do consume coffee and green/black tea with known spices like tulsi (basil) and śonțhi (allam, adrak, ginger).

Otherwise, I am *not* adventurous.
You are in no luck gifting me honey either. I like only dabur honey presently and don’t know when I’ll change.

Sweets in general are a bad idea.

Maybe I would like vacations and travel gifts. And jewellry. I like company, conversations and nature walks. So invite me to your house for conversation and a cup of green tea. Or for a walk. Talk about kŕşņa or gītā or astronomy or something both of us like. Drop in for said tea/coffee. Walk with me. Or play shuttle or T.T. Or swim. Let’s go and see a new place or temple.  Something to do.

Just please don’t give me stuff. At least check with me first.  🙂