Astro: kukkē : Where the son of śiva married the daughter of indra. (astronomical significance).

I have already shared the story of kārtikēyasya janmam on this site. Briefly, the dēvā: needed a leader who would kill tārakāsuram. The son of śiva: , raised by the kŕttikā: (pleaides) was destined to do this, but his birth was thousands of years in coming. When he finally killed tārakam, indra: offered his daughter devasēnā in marriage to kārtikēya: . The marriage took place in kukkē (subrahmanya).

dēvasēnā means dēvānām army. In this case it refers to all the nakşatrāņi and all the shiny stars associated with them.

Between the time when aŕdra was at the spring equinox point (indra) to the time when kŕttikā was the spring equinox point, about 3000 years passed. This must have passed through röhiņi and through mŕgaśirā nakşatram which is associated in some way with the marriage of śiva with pārvati as well as the birth of kārtikēya swāmi. In the interim, the indra: lost his padam to tāraka: and he regained it when kārtikēya swāmī led the dēvā: and killed the mighty tārakam.

Both ujjain and kukkē are associated with these stories. I have yet to work out the place significance.

* Also note : taņuku is called tārakāsura-pațņam.