Astro : candra joins his fave wife röhiņī

At about quarter past midnight, tonight, chandra, the moon enters the area of the sky named röhiņī nakşatram after the star constellation now known as Aldeberan.

The story says that the daughters of dakşa, the other nakşatrāņi, complained to him that their husband, the moon, spent far more time with röhiņi than with them. However, candra: did not mend his ways.

The nakşatrāņi are areas of equal length, 13.33 degrees, by definition, so the only way candra can spend more time with röhiņi is if he slows down as he passes through röhiņī. Which is of course possible, and needs to be checked.

At present the moon is moving north in his uttarāyaņam and the sun is moving south in his dakşiņāyanam.

The moon in the last pādam of kŕttikā  today. You can see the north shift relative to this below.

The moon a few days back in rēvatī nakşatram. This time āśwīyuja pourņamī occured in rēvati and not aświni as it does most often.

(for future reference :