dhyAna mandiram : buddhist : nāgasēna vidyālaya : P.E.S.

There is a nice hall for meditation/contemplation dhyāna/dhāraņa near CPRI bus stop on C.V.Raman Road.

It is a buddhist shrine managed by P.E.S. and associated with nāgasēna vidyālaya.

I went yesterday. Some gentlemen were chanting in their beautiful voices which reverberated around the lovely shrine.

It is open in the mornings and evenings. Photography inside the shrine is prohibited. 

For many hindūs, gautama buddha: is one of the 22 avatārā: of vişņu: . So we are quite comfortable worshipping/regarding buddham. 

buddha: means he who knows/has learned.

So here is another quiet place in this busy city.