Travel : The journey home.

View from saklēśpura bus stand

I took  K.SR.T.C. sārige bus home. That was the only thing available in the time range of my choice. And I did want a day journey… so as not to miss the scenery.

It was not comfy but not as bad as I feared. No a.c. but weather was cloudy and cool. And you can breathe real mountain air instead of a.c. air. The seating is really cramped and hard on the back, neck, legs and feet.The large group near me was noisy and uncouth throwing trash in the bus and out the window… but they were a loving, caring, fun-loving, close-knit, tri-lingual family. 

I spoke very little.  Speech is necessary to a small extent, but a lot of it only causes problems. The scenery was as beautiful as I knew it would be.

The pay and use loo enroute at Sakleshpur was clean-ish. 

The lunch was tasty and hot, if dilute, late and somewhat over-priced.

People in ac apartments are polite etc.. but they can be uptight (esp. Europeans.) In sarige buses, there is a freedom and warmth inspite of everything being not quite right.

The roads near saklēśpura claimed a lorry and another sārige bus. When vehicles break down in karņāțaka they sport tree branches. That’s the signal. 

So our bus took on the stranded passengers. And we were the lucky ones with seats. India always makes you feel lucky however badly off you are.

I’m home now, all washed and dried, well-fed and sleepy. So much cleaning to do. All that tomorrow onwards.

But I need to do this travelling, with even better planning next time.