Travel : sömanāthēśwara agrahāra, kukkē, karņāțaka

I always wanted to see an agrahāra. So I followed the signs here. A dog sort of followed me. I avoided eye-contact, held my hands in brāhmī mudra and walked purposefully.

The temple was quiet and closed.

People were bathing, washing cars, and washing clothes in the river.

I sat and watched the river a bit.

Then I took the hilly fork to the bus stand. I picked up pebbles to scare any dogs and to feel brave.

An old couple told me the dog was behind. I turned around and it slunk away. The old man showed me where the dog had bitten him… his leg was bleeding.  A housewife nearby said that stray dog just had babies and it was biting only men. It had bitten her dad the previous night. But it wasn’t biting women.

I walked on past this school-in-the valley, pebbles in hand.

When in nature, I am glad of human company. When abroad, of Indians. When in society, I long for nature.

I want safe adventures 🙂