Travel : kukkē subrahmaņya, karņāțaka

I have been wanting to come here to kukkē for several years. Everyone else from my family has been here and they reinforced my wish by telling me how beautiful it was.
There is day train from bangalore 16515, that starts at YPR (7 am ) and stops at SBHR (2.35 pm) . I booked a tatkal ticket on irctc on sunday to leave on Monday. AC chair car 666.01 INR. The .01 is for travel insurance. A new concept.

Then cleartrip for booking a room in Vijay Comforts, that my son recommended. It costs about 1000 INR more through cleartrip even with their discount. You can call/e-mail the hotel directly… for the correct rate.

Since the most worrisome part of the journey, is from my place to the railway station, I asked my son to drop me. This train starts on platform 4. But there was  an escalator to go up and a ramp to walk down. Another relief. Going up the steep staircase with luggage is not fave!

The train was already on the platform. Plenty of folks selling breakfast in the compartment -3 idli + uddina vađa + sambar for 40/- . I bought mine off the platform for 30/- but sans sambār  and with a masala vađa instead.

A young doctor had the window seat next to my aisle seat. The seats were spacious with lots of leg room. He was very talkative with disclaimers all the time about how be did not talk much and how women talk more. I have seen this a lot. People who talk lots and say they are silent.

He judged me to be a spiritual person and asked me questions on how to know his spiritual progress. And he shared a lot of ideas he learned from Osho, from his medical profession and from his own fitness regime. He was rather disappointed that doctors neglected their own bodies in pursuit of wealth and social status. They use science to lose god, but are very unscientific in their actions. True of many.. not just doctors.

Once they take the magic out of rituals in the name of science, they replace them with unhealthy practices. They call religion an opiate and drink alcohol instead of chanting or pūjā. Even when they know the other benefits of rituals they call meaningless.

The scenery on the journey was brilliant. Green and mountInous with rivers and small waterfalls and valleys. One should take this train just for the view. It’s what I love about day trains. There was good churmuri to eat and paroțās at lunch time. Food and water was frequently available and there were charging points for the phone.

The auto from SBRH to Vijay Comforts charged 250 INR  for 12.5 km. Share taxis for 40/- pax are available.

The hotel is clean and comfy. There is an attached veg. resteraunt. I like the coffee surprisingly enough! And the food too.

I’m on the 4th floor.

Lovely view.

It’s about a km to kukkē subrahmaņya temple. Busy day yesterday. Nice, old.kēraļa/west coast style temple. paraśurāma kşētra.

There are lots of small temple all around – this one was quiet, but closed.

It’s a cloudy day and I will go for a walk soon.