Astro : Music : Time Measurement : mAtra, nADikA, kAla

We have just seen that a nADikA is 24 minutes, it is half a muhurta: .

The table below relates a mAtra: to a nADikA.

10.05 kAlAs/nADikA * 124 kASThAs/ kAla * 5 gurvakSarAs/ kASThA * 2 mAtrAs/ gurvakSarAs gives us 12462 mAtrA: per nADikA

(12462 mAtrAs/nADikA) / (24 minutes/nADikA) = 519.25 mAtrAs/minute

8.654166666 mAtrAs/second or 4.3 gurvakSarAs/second.

Can we really speak/Chant/Sing this fast?

The line in the table to recheck is the one that says 124 kASThAs to a  kAla….. , the rest are found in the vedAnga jyOtiSam…  this line seems to be supplied by the author’s other knowledge.


Vedanga Jyotisha of Lagadha : page 39 : Prof. T.S. Kuppanna Sastry