Astro : The fierce nakSatrANi as per vEdanga jyOtiSa of the yajurveda

This list of fierce (ugra) nakSatrANi is given in the Y-VJ but not in the R-VJ.  These are to be avoided for auspicious occasions and also if one’s janma nakSatram is one of these, they must use their own names and not the deity’s name as the yajamAna when performing the yagnya.

  1. āRdra of rudra
  2. citta of tvaSTa
  3. viśAkha of indrAgni
  4. śravaNa of viSNu
  5. aświni of aświns
  6. makhA of pitR
  7. svAti of vAyu
  8. jyēSThā of indra
  9. mūla of nirRti
  10.  bharaNi of yama.

*It is interesting that the name mUla is used instead of the older name vichruta.

* Also interesting that the nakSatrē ruled by viSNu and indra would be considered inauspicious for marriages etc..

*Because the ślOkam tadEva lagnam sudinam tadaiva etc states that any moment becomes auspicious when you think of the toenails of viSNu and it is chanted in present times in all weddings and other occasions etc.

More study may reveal to us the reason behind all this.



Translation by Prof. T.S. Kuppanna Sastry

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