What we hear.

I have had two experiences recently where younger women have heard my words correctly but attributed to it, an intent not from my heart or mind.

In the first case it clearly stemmed from that young lady’s own guilt for feeling that her genuine needs were causing me an inconvenience. She could not see that I actually understood. In the other a competitiveness was perceived that I do not feel.

It illustrated to me that some times the emotional content of the words we hear are supplied by our own mind.

This seems specially true of women and younger ones at that.

Did/do I read the older women in my life correctly? I have to pay more attention to this. And it’s not easy to pay attention to people who don’t hear you and repeat themselves a lot.

I have also been taken in by the apparently open and friendly expressions of some other young women who were, in fact, not nice at all… as time revealed. It is easy to associate innocence with youthful beauty. After all Snow-White was pure and the Old Witch was wicked….

Maybe the Old Witch was wise and Snow-white was foolish and selfish?

I guess that it is not easy to assess people correctly. There are enough old people who are foolish and selfish. As also young people. Enough men who are pure and good as there are women. 

When we hear people, we just have to see how much of our own mind we are hearing. When we answer we have to see whether we are answering the person we are speaking to… or a host of others who have annoyed us before.

And we must realise that the person listening to us may be hearing many things that we are not saying and not hearing what we are saying. However carefully we choose our words.

Perhaps this is why practiced silence can be a good thing on a regular basis.

In electronic terms – how much noise is there in the transmitter and how much in the receiver.