Astrology : Resources : CHANDRA KETU Yuti (Moon Ketu Conjunction)

We recently passed through a candra-kētu conjunction.  It happens about once a month. (It is not always an eclipse, for that you must also have a full moon). The first link explains the specific personality traits of children born at such a time. And how it is important to raise them with great positivity.

It is definitely worth reading, if you or your child have this combination.
This link explains the emotional apathy of such a native.
The following paragraph from the link at the end of the article explains how this can be used to an advantage. And the remedies.

Ketu + Moon gives you a great intuition and such an individual can do a lot for society and for oneself too. They are also very innovative. So the remedies are: – be in the supervision of a Guru/mentor – take care of a cow regularly – make sure you eat turmeric regularly, put some on your tongue in the morning. This is apart from what you’d intake in your cooked food. – visit a mandir or place of worship regularly – learn Surya and Chandra kriyas and make them part of your daily routine.

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