Astro : When is the day length equal to the night length in Bangalore, 2016?

On Gandhi Jayanti!

Bangalore’s latitude is 13 deg North. Using Alok Mandavgane’s Sunrise Sunset Application, we find that official sunrise is at 6:08 am and official sunset is at 6:08 pm. There are many other definitions of sunrise, sunset and twilight, as the image shows. Which is a discussion for another day.

So while the earth’s axis tilt is neither towards nor away from the Sun on an equinox, that is not the day of equal-night and day . And definitely not at every latitude.

There is a lovely 3D view which you can animate by pressing on the date button. Which shows you the run rising and setting on each day of the year. And you can choose your own location too.

This useful link below has a table with approx. days of equal day and night at diff. latitudes.