Scholars of Ancient Indian Astronomy : Prof. T.S. Kuppanna Sastry and Prof. K.V. Sarma

Interpreting Ancient Indian Hindu Geo-centric Astronomy in terms of Modern Astronomy requires a host of skills. These scholars studied the manuscripts and critically analysed them, making corrections to the bits that were worn out. They were experts in Sanskrit, English, Astronomy (Ancient and Modern), and Mathematics.

They have given us the first good translations of Ancient Astronomical texts. Where western scholars did not understand and wrote disparaging comments, these scholars put decades of work and gave us good interpretations and translations because of their background in Vaidika Tradition and Indian Culture.

The only information I could find online about Prof. T.S. Kuppana Sastry is in the preface to his work on Lagadha’s Vedanga Jyotisha, written by Prof. K.V. Sarma.


More Information about Prof. K.V. Sarma can be found here :

Prof. Sarma’s main field of research was Indian Astronomy and Mathematics and Manuscriptology. Apart from these he has worked on Vedas, Religion, Philosophy, Epics and Puranas and also on general Literature in Sanskrit.

There is library , with priceless manuscripts, in Adyar Chennai, to honour his memory :

Source :

Professor T.S.   Sastry (1900-1982), 
M.A., L.T., was a polymath. A Sanskritist by 
profession, he was also a keen student of the 
sciences, both eastern and western. His forte 
was early Indian astronomy, which he studied 
in comparison with modern astronomy. The 
combination had given him the insight and 
analytical skill to understand and appreciate 
early ' Indian astronomy in terms of 
modern astronomy. His pubiications include 
critical editions of the Mahdbhdskariya of 
Bhaskara I with two commentaries, and the 
Vedanga Jyotisa with Translation and detailed 
notes. Jointly with K. V. Sarma, he edited the 
Vdkyakarand of Vararuci with commentary. A 
number of papers which he wrote on Indian 
astronomy have been collected together.and 
issued under the title Collected Papers on 
Jyotisha (Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, 
Tirupati, 1989). 

Professor K.V. Sarma, (b.1919), B.Sc., M.A. 
(Skt), D.Litt. (History of Astronomy), formerly 
Director of the wellknown V.V. Institute of 
Sanskrit and Indological Studies, Hoshiarpur 
(Punjab), and presently Hon. Professor of 
Sanskrit, Adyar Library and Research Centre, 
Madras, has been a student of Indian astronomy 
for nearly Forty years. He has edited and 
translated a large number of astronomical 
texts, mainly produced in Kerala. These include 
Drgganita, Grahacdranibandhana, Tantrasahgr'aha, 
Sphutanirnaya, Rdsigolasphutdn iti , Goladipikd, 
Candrasphutdpti and Jyotirmimaihsd. He is the 
author, jointly, of Indian Astronomy : A Source 
Book (Bombay, 1985). His writings include 
also about 250 research papers on different 
subjects including Indian astronomy.

Respectful namsaskārā: to these and other pioneers.