SSYS : Yoga, Kids and Olympics

This is the first piece I wrote for “Akshar power yoga academy, Sri Subhadra yoga shala.” The link to their fb post is given at the end of this article.”

Young parents of today may wonder whether Yoga Training will benefit their children. There was a time in the years gone by, when yoga was part of everyday life. Children sat in Sukha asana or Padma asana in class. They were separated by arm’s length to maintain the minimum distance required to avoid pranic disturbance. Elders were greeted with Panchanga asanas or Sashtanga asanas. Ganesha was worshipped with baskis. Punishments too involved asanas that would strengthen the limbs and increase memory.

The new order of life has let go of “integrated” yoga in daily life, for other valuable benefits. In this context, it is important to re-introduce yoga asanas in the lives of our children in a structured and planned way.

It is common knowledge now, that the practice of yoga asanas can make any human body supple and flexible. It is also well known that yoga asanas are well suited to meditation because the body can be held still and comfortable for long uninterrupted durations, which are required for spiritual practice. Not many people know that yoga asanas also build muscle strength and physical endurance.

Many know that yoga helps people de-stress, but not many recognize the very high levels of stress in the lives of small children and great achievers like Olympic Medalists, Rocket Scientists or Astronauts. Yoga Abhyasa is not just a pleasant option. It is a necessity. It helps build a strong mind that can handle the stresses of modern life with a peaceful smile.

The practice of yoga is known to regulate the endocrine glands and to promote excellent health, which is needed for happiness and success. While yoga therapy is oft used to heal the adults, it can be a great preventive option for the young.

Yoga promotes dedication and will power (sankalpa) in the young. These are needed for great achievement in any field of life. An excellent, healthy, body also inculcates a great self-image and gives confidence to anyone, young or old. It is the first and most important pre-requisite for winning any sports event.

A young yoga abhyasi will have the bright radiant face of a person whose mind, body and self are well-connected and in harmony. Such a person can accomplish anything, whether it’s an Olympic Medal or the Prime Ministership of the World’s Largest Democracy.