Astro : Who is in your nakşatram? (& kāla sarpa döşa: ).

Your janma nakşatram, is the one where the moon was when you were born.

Look at the table below to see who is where now.

Saturn stays in each nakşatram for about a year. śani is now in anurādha, vŕścika nakşatram. And is visible in the western sky.

Close by, to the east, is Mars. mangala is in jyēşţha nakşatram. Also visible in the eve sky to the east in bangalore.

The Sun is preparing to move to kanyA rAśi in a couple of days). sūrya is in uttaraphālguņi nakşatram 1st pādam. (Interestingly, the sun will enter Libra around 23rd Sept. So this system and the Western System will agree that the Sun is in virgo for only one week). 

Mercury is close to the sun as always and budha will shortly move into his own bhāva, ie kanyā where he is also uccha or high.

The moon will be moving out of dhanuś soon. candra is in uttarāşāđa 1st pāda. candra-makara-sankramaņam will happen soon. candra-uttarāyaņam has already happened a days back.

Both the gurau are in kanyā. The asura guru śukra is in hastā 4 & the dēva guru bŕhaspati is in uttaraphālguņi 3.

The brainy trio Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are to the west of the sun, and can be seen before sunrise in the eastern sky.

rāhu in pūrvaphālguņi is to the east of everyone else and kētu in śatabhişa is to the west of everyone else.

When all the grahā: lie between rāhu and kētu, the kāla sarpa doşa is indicated for those born at such a time. Those who consider this unlucky will be into pūjā: big time. @ śrī kāļahastī and such places.

The types of kala sarpa yogas are given below as per this source:

a. Savya Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha

When all other 7 planets are in between rahu – ketu and moving towards ketu (tail) , the its savya kalasarpa yoga. Since Rahu is considered as head of the serpent, in this position 7 planets are considered as swallowed by the head and moving towards tail.

b. Apasavya Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha

This is opposite to above and when 7 planets are in between ketu – rahu and moving towards rahu(head)

There are 12 more kalasarpa yogas (doshas) described in ancient texts based on Rahu, Ketu positions with respect to ascendant or lagna.

1. Ananta Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 1st house , Ketu in 7th house and all planets between them

2. Kulika Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 2nd house , Ketu in 8th house and all planets between them

3. Vasuki Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 3rd house , Ketu in 9th house and all planets between them

4. Sankhapala Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 4th house , Ketu in 10th house and all planets between them

5. Padma Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 5th house , Ketu in 11th house and all planets between them

6. Mahapadma Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 6th house , Ketu in 12th house and all planets between them

7. Takshaka Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 7th house , Ketu in 1st house and all planets between them

8. Karkotaka Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 8th house , Ketu in 2nd house and all planets between them

9. Sankhanath Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 9th house , Ketu in 3rd house and all planets between them

10. Pathak Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 10th house , Ketu in 4th house and all planets between them

11. Vishkat Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 11th house , Ketu in 5th house and all planets between them

12. Seshnag Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 12th house , Ketu in 6th house and all planets between them