Languages that must be learned.

  1. Your mother tongue. So that you can communicate with her and your immediate family as an infant.
  2. The regional language of your neighbourhood. What your neighbours and vendors speak. So that you can make friends and transact with the environment outside your house.
  3. English. Because all the knowledege of all the world is being brought into English. Because you can communicate with a world beyond your national borders.
  4. Sanksrit. Because the wisdom of the Ancient Indians was preserved in beautiful sounds of Sanskrit. Because you can receive that knowledge directly from the Ancients without mis-interpretations by others.
  5. Mathematics. Because nature speaks in numbers. Mathematics is the language of nature. Pop-Sci books are in English and can often fail to represent the truths expressed in mathematics by seers, ancient and modern..
  6. Senses. Because our powerful senses can perceive directly what other life forms are saying or doing or feeling. Because colours give joy even more than the knowledge of their frequency or mechanism.
  7. Interaction. Throw a stone in a pond. Pet a cat. Learn through interaction with your environment
  8. Silence and Withdrawal. Contemplate. Listen to what even nature cannot tell you. Insights that your mind and inner self can reveal.