Astro : The duration of a muhurta: .

Andhra wedding muhūrta: of the present day are to the minute. The jeelakarra bellam ritual must take place exactly then.

However, in vēdānga jyotişam, ie., astronomy applicable to vēdā: , the muhurta duration is 48 minutes long.

How do we arrive at this?

The moon-sun separation of 360 degrees is divided into 30 tithis each of which, represents, on average, 12 degrees.

From new moon 0 deg seperation to full moon, 180 degree separation, we have 15 tithis.

Every day, the moon rises later by an amount of time equivalent to a 12 degree separation.

(24 * 60) minutes/ 360 degrees * 12 degrees gives us 48 minutes.

Every day, the moon rises 48 minutes later than the previous day.

And this is the duration of a muhūrta: .

Therefore there are 30 muhūrtā: in a day. We can expect the names to have changed over time and geography and to have acquired different luck-significance.

Muhurta names are from :

Language amateurs would be interested to know that muhurtam is neuter gender in telugu and muhūrta: is masculine in samskŕtam.