Something Different.

I have been planning to restart yoga practice for a while. At home, there are many distractions and interruptions. So I was looking for a nice place to practice yoga in.

I found a new place where they agreed to to accept written words in place of rupees as class fees.

This arrangement is under trial and is evolving.

It is one thing to blog one’s one ideas and quite another challenge to come up to someone else’s expectations and meet their requirements.

It reminds me of a story where a young scholar had no money and needed groceries. The merchant accepted a few good words on a piece of paper as payment. Those timely words of good advice saved his family from a bad situation.

I have been learning to use Google Map Maker and trying to correct the incorrect addresses in my neighbourhood.  I have to learn to use the tool and understand the system so that we have a good and clean map of our area.

I have been talking to my friends and family. It looks like everybody has the same or similar problems. We just have to decide whether we want

“to have excuses or to have a story”.

I don’t want to have an excuse for why I failed. I want to have a story of how I succeeded.