Astro : indra and hanumAn (astronomical speculation)

hanumAn with his long tail and Sun swallowing, puts me in mind of a comet/asteroid that came close enough to the earth to completely block out the sun. And at the same time exposed the earth to great heat.

And he set fire to lanka with his tail. There are already the handsome brothers (of gemini) who chased the shiny spotted golden deer (mRga).

indra is already known as the point of spring equinox in Indian astronomical circles.

The upaniSad story is that the other dEvA: could not catch up with umA but indra could. (And she gave him brahmagnyAnam). The equinox point passes through every nakSatram due to precession. But the nakSatrANi cannot catch up with each other (because they all have the same geo-centric angular velocity.) So which nakSatram might be umA?

I need more thought and insight. And more data points. Though I would love to pick the one that precedes kŕttikA which is connected with kArtikEya, the son of pArvatI.