Astro : hastA nakSatram

gaNEśasya janma nakSatram is said to be hastā. His janma tithi is understood to be bhAdrapada śukla caturthi. So the moon will be either in or near hastA nakSatram. This year hastA has passed already. The Sun sets at 6:26 pm, today and the moon sets at 9:14 pm. At this time the moon is in swAti nakStram of tulA rAśi: . Is there something special about kanyA/tulA rAśi that we should not look at it on this day? Or should we be actively looking east or north etc? This is the question running in my mind.

The vaidIka dEvatA of hastA nakSatram is savitR, the progenitor, who is also the dEvatA of the sacred gAyatrI mantram given unto us by viśwAmitra RSi: .

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.38.51 PM

This mantra is about the hastA nakSatram from nakSatra sUktam.

This site : gives the following meaning for the above mantram : “13. Savitar desired to be blessed with God’s trust with Savitar. One who makes the appropriate offering to Savitar, to Hasta, men place faith in him. He becomes the Sun among his peers. Committment and true to one’s word.”

The Astrological ruler of this nakSatram is candra. 

hastA nakSatram is a part of kanyA rAśi. (10° 00’ to 23° 20’ Virgo, hindu nirAyana.)

13 Hasta Delta Corvi, a possible candidate

This source :, says that hastA nakSatram is good for wearing gems and starting treatment of disease.

This source : says that the puruSArtha of this nakSatra is mOkSa. The influence of the Sun as savitA, the moon as the nakSatra-adhipati and budha as the rAśi adhipati will be on the hastA nakSatra natives.

Jai gaNEśa!