Astro : Eastern Crescent Moon (early morning)

To see the crescent moon in the east, it must rise before the sun.

On Aug 31st, Sunrise was at  6:10 am. (@bengaLUru) The sun was in the first pāda of pūrvaphālguNi @15 deg 24′ simha rAśi (nirayana, B.V. Raman ayanAmśa).

An hour before this time, candra was in the 4th pAda of AślESa, (28 deg 57′, karkATaka), which is to the west of pUrvaphAlguNi.

The ascendant or Lagna was in 0 deg 39′ of simha rAśi.

This means that the moon was just a little more than a degree  above the Bangalore horizon. With  trees and buildings all around, that is almost impossible to see, even on a cloudless sky. One would need a proper vantage point.


Source : : The waning crescent moon before the new moon is called “the old moon”.