Astro : candra with rAhu and sUrya with rAhu

Yesterday night, Sept 1st 2016, candra was with rAhu in pUrvaphAlgUNi 3rd pAdam. simha raśi. 20 deg 5′. (Bangalore, B.V. Raman ayanāmśa. Hindu Calendar App).

Right now we have rAhu in the middle with sūrya in the first pādam and candra in the 4 th.

What were you doing at 9 pm last night? How were you feeling? Did anything noticeable happen? Write it down in your Astro journal.

I was very sleepy, texted folks and slept off.

I’m looking for any influence of the illusion (māyā) kāraka on the manö kāraka.

ravi (ātma kāraka) will meet rAhu at 19 deg 56′ in simha rāśi. At 10.15 pm.