Health : Look out for added sugar. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

Source : Page 38. New Scientist. 1 Feb 2014

Sugar is added to processed food to make them tastier – so that we spend more on such food.

Artificial Sweeteners are found to increase your sweet cravings and are worse than sugar itself.

And, refined foods with added sugar, make increase your sweet tolerance making you want more sugar over time. Added fructose makes you age faster because of the oxygen radicals created during breakdown. It raises triglycerides and hardens your arteries.

Sugar is calories without fullness – so you eat more.

śakkara is one of the pancāmŕtā: . I think there must be something good about it! I think it comes down to “how much” and in what form. And also “when”.

I allow myself a spoon of honey and a spoon of sugar per day. 2-3 slices of bread adds another 3-6 spoons of avoidable sugar.

All food contains sugar and it’s a good idea to eat what we actually need and not more. Exercise will enable you to increase your sugar allowance.

Give it some thought!!