Giving importance to others.

Why? They might have valuable insights or information – desire to learn/know.

Why not? They give unreliable information. Insistence. Aggravation. Red Herrings.
Why? Being Nice/Kind to them.

Why not? They are self-important and put you down. Many people treat you badly if you give them importance.

Why?  You may need their help in future.

Why not? Most people disappear when you need something. They give what they want to give, not what you need or when you need it. They demand what you cannot give.

Why? They may cause harm if you don’t.

Why not? They may cause harm if you do, too.

A desire for information, safety, help and to be kind, may motivate the importance we give to others.

But most of them receive it as a tribute to their greatness and a sign of your weakness.