Flogging dead friendships.

Time brings us very close to some people. And then we grow apart by choice or circumstance.

And nothing we do can bridge that distance.

Kind of worse for people like me, who saturate on people, move away a bit for air and then come back to discover that the people are gone or the warmth/closeness has gone.

And then no amount of effort can re-establish the closeness. This effort is what I call flogging a dead horse or friendship. It’s such a waste. It is important to close that account. 

I think that the initial friendship was based on different illusions on both sides. So even if one of us works through our illusions and is open to re-connecting, the other is no longer interested, because they are fully dis-illusioned.

This has been a period of many such endings. In many cases, it was just recognising that the connection had in fact closed long ago and acting upon the recognition. In others, recognising that the connection had never been there. In yet others, wilfully ending connections that were toxic, draining or otherwise bad. And in the rare few regretfully letting go of connections that cannot be mended anymore, with love and pain.

What follows these endings?  I am told that we will attract new people and experiences based on our current personality and desires.

What am I like now? What do I like now? This will govern who will be drawn into my life.