The Sun was covered by Sri Krishna’s Sudarshana Chakra : Astronomical Interpretation

This interesting post from Dec. 2010, not only indicates the moon as the sudarśana cakra that blocked the sun on the fateful day of jayadratha’s death., but it also shows that sanjaya expected a lot of interesting flora, fauna and water on the island of sudarśana, ie, the candra-lOka.

Now I believe we know there is water, but no delicious fruit trees, at least when humans last visited.

Ancient Indians - Satya Samhita

Mahabharata : Bhishma Parva : Sanjaya tells Dhritarashtra : Translation by Kisari Mohan Ganguli.

Interpretation and Comments by Satya Sarada Kandula.

Sanjaya said,

“O son of Kuru’s race, I will, however, describe to thee the island called Sudarsana. This island, O king, is circular and of the form of a wheel. It is covered with rivers and other pieces of water and with mountains looking like masses of clouds, and with cities and many delightful provinces. It is also full of trees furnished with flowers and fruits, and with crops of diverse kinds and other wealth. And it is surrounded on all sides with the salt ocean. As a person can see his own face in a mirror, even so is the island called Sudarsana seen in the lunar disc. Two of its parts seem to be a peepul tree, while two others look like a large hare. It is…

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