Telescopes in India : Mohana Sundara Rajan

Glass was in use in Ancient India. Their are references to kaanch in the yajur veda and bits of glass bangles and other objects have been found in excavations.

Old Thoughts

This book has a small chapter on telescopes in Ancient India also… which is interesting and useful.

Some caution is advised while reading.

  1. For eg “the word kancha” is mentioned in the yajur veda : fact.
  2. “Yajur Veda is of 1200 BCE” : an assumption based on many other assumptions about the date of the Yajur Veda
  3. “Kanch means glass” : We have to consult Kasysapa’s Nighantu plus Veda Mantras to find out in what sense that word was used in that mantra at that time.

I think this book is a worth a look-see ..  It is available in IISc library.

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