Life is a continual struggle.

It isn’t accurate to imagine that once you get married/ get a job/ have a home/ retire…. that life will be smooth.

There are illnesses, natural disasters, human-caused disasters, society caused problems, age related issues, conflicts with family, neighbours  and so on.

There are big burglaries and house break-ins. There are petty thefts, short changing. I’ve seen a construction worker steal a brick from someone else’s compound wall. A someone who will not keep his vacant site clean. Water, petrol, bulbs, taps, buckets even the seats from an auto-rickshaw are stolen.

Then there are the grand problems. War, nuclear-stockpiling, global warming, politics, guerilla style attacks.

Whether as individuals or as a society, our struggle is continual and does not reduce either with age or with withdrawal. The day you have no will to struggle, you have no will to live.