Astro : Sri Lakshmi’s elder sister Jyeshta.. Nakshatram?

From Aug 2010 : jyESThA dēvī is indicated by the jyESTha nakSatram. jyESTha and lakSmī dēvī’s older brother candra, rose out of the eastern sea (@ antarvēdi) the place of the kSIra sAgara mathanam, before lakSmI dEvI did along with a host of interesting constellations.

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Jyeshta means elder.. (The North Indian word Jettani is derived from jyESTha.)

In common tradition, Jyeshta Devi is considered the elder sister of Lakshmi Devi. She is also called alakshmI. She is considered more beautiful while leaving, while Lakshmi Devi is considered more beautiful while coming.

The nakshatram following Jyeshta Nakshatram is Moola Nakshatram. (This moola nakshatram points to the center of the milky way, our galaxy. In my article on Moola Nakshatram, we have explored the significance of the Dhanur masa early morning rituals. At sunrise in Dhanur masam, the sun is in line with Moola Nakshatram, which is in line with the galactic centre where Vishnu lies  in the khseera samudram. )

It is said that Jyeshta Devi rose out of the sea before Lakshmi Devi on the day of the ksheera sagara mathanam.

In this article Ksheera Sagara Mathanam (Location)

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