Astro : Happy śravāņa kŕşņāşțami 

Happy janmāşțami and röhiņī nakşatram!

I just realised today that if the aşțami moon is in röhiņi in śrāvaņa māsa, two things happen. 

One, the sky is washed clean by the rains and two, the moon is on the other side of the earth at night. So the sky is dark. 

Now we can see vŕścika, makara and so on. (Depending on how many tall things obstruct your horizon, you cannot see all 6 rāśī: .)

I could see viśakha, anurādha, jyēşțha, śani, mangala, moola and śravaņa, between clouds, buildings and street lights. (And mosquito bites.)

So, like śivarātri, kŕşņāştami is also great for looking at stars, and you can see the other constellations.