The dominant science of the times.

Today, it is Western Science and Technology that dominates the Scientific World.

It has had it’s stops and starts. But it has been on a roll from about the time of Isaac Newton. That’s why science textbooks talk of Copernicus and Aristotle. Their history. The history of Mediterranean/European/American Science.

Ancient Indians had the early advantage of the third eye – mathematics. We have great philosophy, literature and medicine, music and so on. But our technology didn’t have steam engines. And we didn’t make guns. Even now we bring in nuclear technology from other countries and we buy planes and missiles etc., though we have designed and manufactured some.

Today, Indian Scientists are among the best in the world… and most of them work in Western Science and many in Western Countries. And in the top institutions in our country. And our top, middle-level and entry-level institutions all work in Western Science and Technology.

400 years of foreign rule are of course to blame, but how and why did they win? Why didn’t Indians end up the victors?

In my view, it was the weapons. War technology. 

And now the whole world east and west is giving their best to Western Science and Technology. Because, it won.