Astro : nakSatrANi forms (and hayagriva – astronomical interpretation)

In his book, Hindu Predictive Astrology, pages 13-14, B.V. Raman describes how each nakSatram looks. This helps us understand the names of the nakSatrANi.
We can combine this with software like Indian Sky Map and learn to recognise the nakSatrANi in the sky.

This list also throws up another interesting idea.

Aŕdra is the Head (of a man) and aświni is the head of a horse. punarvasu is bow shaped and follows Aŕdra.

There are stories of vişņu’s head which was resting on a bow being cut off and replaced by a horse’s head (hayagrïva).

If that is an astronomical story, we have a precession of 5 stars or 5*13.33*60*60 = seconds of arc. Divide that by 50.3 seconds of arc precession per year to get 4771 years.

BTW hayagriva’s story is very interesting. You can read it on this site.