Words : graha, grāha, vigraha, guru-graha

graha is like the word grasp.

vigraha is a special kind of hold. It’s a form that holds the divine if it’s a temple vigraha mūrti.

aagraha is an aggressive kind of anger.

A grāhaka is one who takes – it is used as a customer in kannađa and hindi (grāhak).

A graha is that which holds (or is held?)

There are nine grahā: in saMskŕtam. Please recall that graha does not mean planet in saMskŕtam… planet means wanderer.

We have the bright ravi graha, sun
the big and heavy guru graha, jupiter
the slow śani graha, saturn
the shadowy cchāyā grahā: – rāhu and kétu,
the white śukra graha, venus,
the beautiful candra graha, the moon, the quick-thinking budha or sowmya graha, mercury,
and the glowing coal añgāraka graha, mars.

The verb root is gŕha used in the sense of grahaņē or taking. In sentences you see gŕhyatē, pratigŕhyatām, ajagŕhata and so on.

Your home is the noun gŕham, which holds you and my stage of life is gŕhastha āśramam. "Stay-at-home" āśramam.