Manuscript Copyrights.

Today,  my friends Saraswathi and Ravi came to take a look at Guruji’s Guruji’s manuscripts and give me some guidance.

One thing that became clear is that it is children and not students who own the copyright to the manuscripts.

That means that we can borrow them to understand them etc but unless they have been willed away to the gurukula or to the trust,  they don’t belong to us. Which means that unless the children release the work into the public domain,  we can’t put them on the internet.

I always wonder why Guruji wants to put my effort into such a hopeless task. It requires not only money, energy and people power,  which we lack, but also in the end the product created belongs to someone else. We can’t even give it away for free. And we don’t know how to sell it.

Well,  I can dust her P.C., and create back-ups and so forth, I guess. Menial tasks.

After dealing with the dust at home,  to go and do more cleaning there… after dealing with the politics outside, to deal with more politics there…

It’s really nice to see her for a while. Till this hopeless task,  endless cleaning and politics come to the fore.

The good news is that madhu is enjoying her classes and gowri likes the gurukula so much,  he has moved in there.