Guruji’s Guruji : The Krishna Dairy

KundA guruji’s guruji was the late  Sri Anakama Mara previously known as Padmanabha Aital.

He was a smArta vEda scholar belonging to the kooTa (kOTa) brahmin community.

I have mentioned him a couple of times in my previous posts,  the first time with reference to the audio CDs of the Rg vEda samhita chanting. It is accurate and complete. A very useful thing for a vEda student to possess and hear. Having learned the vEdAs from the age of 7 or 8, he used to chant all of them each fortnight in a process called avismaraNa (Not Forgetting).

Besides the knowledge in the heads and hearts of his students, he has left behind several manuscripts, audio and video recordings on vaidika (Vedic) knowledge including vEdAngAs  and vEdAnta.

The audio recordings that were made on audio cassettes are being converted into CD format by lalitA,  one of kundajI’s sanskrit students from the M.L.A.G.H.S. days. I think some 50  CDs have been done so far.

The audio recordings originally made on hard disk and CDs are being released in CD/DVD format by kundAjI after going through all the recordings and ordering them etc. So far she has done the Is’A upaniSad bhASya and the Rg vEda samhita chanting.

The manuscripts are being converted by her into books. She has made one rudra book with the kalpOkta s’rI sadyOjAta pUjA paddhati and rudrAdhyAya. This is in kannada language and script.

The rudrabhASya and pavamAna sUkta translations are still in manuscript form. These need to be xeroxed,  scanned and DTP-ed into books. This needs effort, knowledge,  care and money.

The books also need to be studied,  digested,  translated,  explained and taught.

One of these manuscripts is called The Krishna Diary. Seeing her guruji jot down his ideas on all kinds of papers,  kundAjI got him a diary with a picture of kRSNa on it.

That book is full of his daily insights on a bunch of things. This was scanned and xeroxed by jyOti, kundAjI’s bhagavad gItA student and my college senior.  This expensive activity was funded by amar, also my senior at S.J.C.E. (It cost more than 10,000 rupees). The scanned documents were stored on kundAjI’s desktop computers.  One old one belonging to her and another old one belonging to me. I’m told the rats got them and that the scanned work is either lost or hard to recover.

While some people have gifted her electronic equipment she does not have the physical help to keep the computer room and the equipment clean and well-maintained.

She is against charging fees for classes,  so she can’t pay anyone  to do these tasks regularly. Many of her  students are school kids available in the holidays only. Others are either in jobs or full-time housewives.

And she herself does not devote time to cooking,  cleaning etc. Only teaching, pUja and working on books.

Lack of maintenance,  is costing her,  her goal of preserving and spreading her Guruji’s work.

I always used to feel that I spend too much time in maintenance activities at home.  I took solace in the fact that mahAtma gAndhIJi and many of the RSIs also did their own maintenance.

Today I understand that even if you are a great yOgI you must clean your tools, equipment and surroundings,  just as you would take your own bath and brush your own teeth.

The vaidika paddhati places great emphasis on cleanliness and tidiness which many people that I know decry today. But it is important.

Another way of looking at it. Your annamayya kOSa is the only one that has the size of your  body. All the other kOsas are progressively larger than you. So it is important to maintain your surroundings too.

Sample pages of manuscript.