A bit of kundA miss…

I took my friend madhu to see kundAji last Friday.  For an intro class on yOga.  I realised that I’ve recommended such a visit to all my loved ones. And some of them have actually come and met her.

Today I took her some bAdAm milk I made. It was a first. She rather enjoyed it.

I also said As’IrwAda mADi (please make a blessing) at the time of panCAnga namaskAra instead of namaskAra mADtIni (I’ll do a namaskAra) . This is also a change in emphasis.

She taught me some pavamAna sUkta mantrAs. And then discussed her wish to make her guruji’s rudra bhASya manuscript into a book. I’ve been calling around after coming home to see what options are there for scanning,  copying,  xeroxing,  dtp-ing and printing.

I also spoke to a vendor called rAmaprasAd who came to see her to understand more options. jyOti another of my friends who learned a bit of gItA from kundA miss had put rAmprasAd in touch with her for computer repairs and all.

I seem to be over exhausted today. Interacting with so many humans makes me want to watch t.v.

A part of this exercise will also involve fund raising. 

For some reason she seems to believe that this is a better way to teach me than explaining what her guruji taught her.

I’ve already offered to write out in English any thing she explains. But she wishes me to do these works.

It’s all interesting though.