Many lives in One

In my childhood, I had a ‘Student’s Life’ and learned well what I was taught and whatever I could get to read on my own. I had no responsibilities worth mentioning.

That learning supported my (l)earning period. Though my work required me to continuously learn! That earning supported my material needs and family. I also lost my good health during this period. This was my ‘Work Life’.

Now I am trying to get back to good health and to understanding. This is my ‘Understanding and Sharing Life’. The good that I have done in my previous lives benefits me. I have friends, family, learning and earning from my previous lives. I don’t have the health and relationships and stuff I lost or gave up or gave away. I have forgotten many details, but have carried forward many vAsanAs, attitudes and habits of my previous lives!

I am still learning new things. But I am also making greater sense of the world. Understanding my experiences. Understanding what was taught. But more than that, I am understanding what I have not read and what has not been said to me. I am understanding what is behind what is written and what is said. I am understanding what I have seen and observed and what is beyond what I see and observe. I have gained some peace and happiness too.

There is a question in my head : Have I provided for my next life : “Old Age” ?

People and Situations invoke my dormant insecurities and forgotten desires. Fear and Desire cloud my understanding like smoke from factories. They make me unsure of my old age. Have I provided for my old age?

People inject ‘falsehoods’ into my mind space, which look like perfect truths to them. I suffer from the poison for a while – it is like an oil spill in the arctic ocean. It takes time to clean up.

For that matter who has any guarantees? Are their lives, spouses, properties, jobs, families and friends guaranteed? Are they not going to lose everything with time? They just a pick a job and keep working at it. But then most people see a job as a panecea for all ills. You earn money, you achieve organisational goals, you make friends, you are valued by society, you travel, you are not lonely and your time is structured – you have something ‘to do’. Your organisation is creating something that there is a market/need/demand for in society and you are doing your bit. And by doing your bit, you hope all your needs material and internal will be met.You are a social being!

I recognise that the human race has dominated all other life on the planet, that western ways have dominated the eastern ones, that modern ways have dominated the ancient ones. I gather that there is no place where you can run away from human society and its modern western ways anywhere on the planet. I understand that the modern western human way is based on money and it must be earned through jobs, investments, businesses, taxes etc ie only by interacting with society and trading something with them.

Human Society says to me – “I am everywhere! I am powerful! You must interact with me! You must serve me to earn money and pay me for my services! You have nowhere to hide!”

This sounds to me like a problem that can be resolved by invoking mahAmAya!

Even Vishnu advised Indradyumna to worship Lakshmi first! :

Brahma requested Vishnu to have Lakshmi Devi fascinate the world so that his creation would grow. Maa-dhava (the husband of mother Lakshmi) asked Lakshmi to do this but exemption was granted to the following people.

“Those engaged in gnyAnayOga, those dedicated to the brahman, the truthful, the un-angered,those studying the vEdAs, vEdAnta, vignyAna, destroying all their doubts, those  performing great yagnyAs, brahmins, those who meditate, who are peaceful, who are dhArmik, and those who seek support of the vEdAs. Those who worship dEva dEva maheS’wara with japa or hOma, self-study, yagnya (worshipful action), bhakti yOga, who have dedicated their minds to Is’vara, who love prAnAyAma etc, who are pure. Those whose minds are interested in praNava, rudrajapa, those who know dharma, those who know the atharva vEda. Those who protect/practice their svadharma, those who are engaged in adoring Is’vara”

Lakshmi, the wife of the bhagwAn must be worshipped well because she gives plenty of welfare, prosperity, brilliance, strength and fame when worshiped. And also because she must give us way for us to go forward and not be scared of and by human society!

So let us worship her. The young seer in the first video clip is s’ankarAcArya. (namastEstu mahAmayE : from kolloor mookambika kannada movie)

Update : 3/11/16

For those who are keen on right pronunciation – the names of mahālakSmī end in hrasva- single mātra – because of sambödhana prathamā vibhakti. In the video they use pluta 3 mātrā: or more. Which might be justified since they are singing, but not in chanting.

Example: When you address lakSmI dEvI, you say lakSmi, with a short i at the end. When you refer to her you say lakSmI with a long ī at the end. ī is twice as long as i – it is dīrgha.